Get to Know What Champions League is All About


There are 32 teams from numerous European leagues in which participate in the football contest known as Champions League. The Union of European Football Association (EUFA) has organized it in 1992 for the reason of replacing the European Cup. This contest is being held in mid-July and also culminates in May yearly. Many people are watching the competition on their tv because this is Europe’s most famous football league. The winning team will qualify both for the UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World.

The Thirty-two teams in which qualified in the Champions League would be drawn together in 8 groups. There are Four teams in each group, and they'll compete with each other. Teams with the same country of origin will not be grouped together so as to compose a 1 group. Double round-robin system would be used in the first live champions league draw of the competition proper. Which means that each team will compete with the rest of the teams in the group twice. The winners in each group along with their runner-up will move forward to the knockout phase.

Though the runner-up from 1 group and the winning team of the other group came from the same country they will still compete with one another in the knockout stage. If the competing teams will have the same position, then this will be the time to apply the away goals rule. The team who got more goals will be the one to move forward with the tournament based on this regulation. The Champions League will culminate with the final match, which will be held after the winter break.

The victor of the Champions League will get the European Champion Clubs' Cup trophy, which has been utilized ever since 1967. The trophy is made from silver, and weighs 11 kilogram. It was Real Madrid who have acquired the original trophy in 1966 as they have won 6 tournaments in that time. Real Madrid has successfully made a total of 9 wins now. A replica of the trophy is also given to groups who won for 3 consecutive years, and to those who already have a total of 5 wins. Furthermore, it is not merely Real Madrid who got such award simply because Liverpool, Milan, Bayern Munich, and Ajax have earned it too.

Cash prizes are given to teams who were able to enter first qualifying round, and they'll obtain bigger prizes as they move to another round. As of the moment, the cash prize for the winning finalist is €10,500,000. The runner-up finalist will also get a cash prize amounting to €6,500,000. The sponsors of the Champions League are the different companies from various countries all over the world.

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